Samoa Never Nude Nail Polish – Darks

Samoa Never Nude Nail Polish – Darks

45.000 LBP

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An exciting nail color wardrobe of trends and classics, all yours, in a long-lasting, affordable and fun package. Textures and effects go from glossy to matt, and from satin all the way to glittery. It’s a cosmic tour of colors and textures. So don’t ever be nude, exude!

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155 Maharaja Blue, 159 I'm Essential, 161 Mme La Comtesse, 176 Boss Lady, 177 Morning Coffee, 178 Ms. CEO, 162 Smokin' Hot, 168 Purple Rose, 170 Into the Blue, 179 Mood Swings, 175 Monday Vibes, 169- Ultramarine Green